23 September 2019



At Cersaie in Bologna, from Monday 23 to Friday 27 September 2019 (Fiera Bologna, Hall 20  Stand C32-D31), Ceramiche Piemme presents three new ceramic collections:  Glitch designed by Benoy, Materia and Soul, and the sanitary fittings of its Tailor Made project. These are porcelain stoneware washbasins, tops and shower trays, real furnishing objects in porcelain stoneware made in Fiorano Modenese.
The new Piemme Project Solutions service is dedicated to the world of architects and contractors: a consulting service and a complete range of tools which historic Modena-based producer Ceramiche Piemme provides for professionals and businesses.
The new collections Ageless and Venetian Marble – both part of Ceramiche Piemme Contract – are two versatile lines of products by Ceramiche Piemme designed to support the designer in choosing the finishes for all the public and private spaces of contemporary everyday life.

Glitch designed by Benoy
This new collection of porcelain stoneware tiles designed by London firm Benoy. 
The word "glitch" refers to the flickering produced on a computer screen by an unpredicted error. A theme which is very much in line with the design trend that favours imperfection as a sign of uniqueness. 
Hence the inspiration of the Benoy designers, expressed in 8 colours in various sizes. 
Glitch focuses on the distinctive irregularities of concrete surfaces, such as cracks, films, scratches and wear, and reinterprets them for ceramic tiles. The result is a contemporary collection ideal for both homes and commercial locations (Benoy's real expertise).

The collection with unusual “matter” effect with surfaces that merge metal, Corten steel, stone and ceramic in a refined, contemporary look.
Starting out from very different metals, oxidised or glossy, from the natural feel of stone and the versatility of ceramic, Ceramiche Piemme’s R&D team have created a new material with “Materia”.

For this collection digital technologies recreate natural oak in its most natural aspect with all its knots, flames and signs of time and ageing. 
In line with the increasingly popular "used look", the Piemme Soul floor tiles in porcelain stoneware are designed to 'warm' the space just like ancient, sturdy parquet made of oak.
Under the spotlight in this tile collection are the natural features of wood with light shades at the base and slight flaming emphasized through hand brushing. Here the rustic effect of knots -usually discarded when selecting the boards- are enhanced to give more naturalness; but also the elegance of the recovered wood, seasoned and handcrafted in the wax finished version. All of these are the real protagonists of this collection of tiles.

Tailor Made
A washbasin/freestanding unit which can also be installed in the centre of the room, wall-mounted washbasins in different sizes, tops and shower trays: every Ceramiche Piemme sanitary fitting can be produced in different finishes to suit the bathroom's interior design.
Tailor Made offers a furnishing solution also offered to private customers or to architects wishing to design creative, easily constructed bathrooms: the ceramic slabs and tiles used for floor and wall coverings now enable the realisation of this original collection of sanitary fittings.

Piemme Project Solutions
This is a consulting service and a complete range of tools which historic Modena-based producer Ceramiche Piemme provides for architects and contractors. Solutions to instal outdoor pavings in the extra-thick 20 mm size, and for indoor or outdoor raised technical floorings (loose-lay or with pedestal) and floating floorings.

This collection is inspired by the aesthetics of industrial concrete resin: thanks to the most modern digital technologies, Ceramiche Piemme researchers have reproduced on porcelain stoneware tiles the pleasant aesthetic effect with a ceramic twist and a light movement of the typical directional streaks associated with the manual or mechanized laying of mortar.
Available in "natural" and "polished" finishes, the new contract collection combines industrial aesthetics with high technical performance and guarantees high resistance to daily stress in residential, commercial and large public areas. 

Venetian Marble
The new collection combines the technical performance of the latest generation of porcelain stoneware with the aesthetics of the Venetian terrazzo flooring. 
The Venetian Marble Collection is available in 4 shades -Rainbow, Cloud, Fog, Storm- and 2 sizes (60X120cm and 60X60cm).