La Spezia - Porto Mirabello

In The Gulf of La Spezia is now home to Porto Mirabello, a major new venue for Italian yachting. The magical atmosphere is the most unique aspect of this location designed by the La Spezia based architecture practice Zacutti which integrated the Porto Mirabello project harmoniously into the surrounding context in a project of rare sophistication.The design team opted for the Ecowood series, 11×90 cm rectified wood-effect porcelain planks with outstanding technical characteristics. All the pavings in the wet area consist of products from the Piemmegres “Natural” series, an extremely advanced, hi- tech 30×60 cm fully-body porcelain tile that has undergone a special surface treatment reminiscent of chiselled stone guaranteeing the maximum barefoot comfort.All the common walkways in the Shopping Center  were paved with Piemmegres floor tiles from the Ardesia Multicolor series, a full-body porcelain tile whose special surface is ideally suited to withstanding the intense stresses of a high-traffic commercial site. The solution chosen for the interior of the stores consists of the warm tones and satin surfaces of the Absolute and Mediterraneo collections, again from Piemmegres, used in various sizes and colours.

Architect: Studio Zacutti – Customer: Porto Mirabello Series: Ecowood, Natural, Ardesia Multicolor, Absolute, Mediterraneo