Creta - Mèlia Resort

The “Gran Meliá” Luxury Resort and its “Daios Cove” Villas make up the new luxury accommodation complex recently completed in the peaceful Vathi bay, on the splendid north-east coast of Crete. This magnificent resort, featuring over 300 bedrooms, master-suites and independent villas with private swimming pools, fully integrates new-concept architecture for the high-end leisure segment with the surrounding environment.

Altogether, the Gran Melià has a design that shows particular attention to detail with materials and finishes of outstanding quality intended for a cosmopolitan, updated and discerning interlocutor; after carefully examining the best the market had to offer, for the floors of the building, the design team chose Piemme materials in the “Heartstone” version, a coloured-body technical porcelain stoneware that combines extremely high wear and absorption resistance (<0.04%) with a highly natural stone appearance, without forgetting the importance of safety; the product is in fact non-slip (R10/R11) a major aspect considering the location of the complex and its intended use.

Over 30,000 sq m of Piemmegres materials have been installed to complete this splendid example of design dedicated to modern hospitality accommodation with special attention for the colour matches of the outdoor areas, where the combination of colours and materials has been perfectly successful thanks to the prestigious work of the well-known firm 3SK Stylianidis.

Architect: 3SK Stylianidis Architects – Customer: Gran Meliá Luxury Resort and Daios Cove Villas – Series: Piemmegres, Heartstone