Florence - Shopping Center - Cinema

The architectural project – which is striking in terms of its extraordinary versatility and ability to combine elegance and technology, style and function – presents a building with a very strong visual impact, which gives the visitor an idea of the future, a promise of the cutting-edge technologies to be found inside.

A major contribution to the design and function of the place is provided by the Ceramiche Piemme slabs, widely used throughout the project both in the elegant Valentino range and the more technical products available from the Piemmegres catalogue; the materials, installed in various types and sizes, in the common areas, in the numerous restaurants, in the shopping zones and in the outdoor areas of the adjacent Virgin sports complex, testify to the extensive versatility of the Piemme range at the disposal of designers and of the many different requirements which present themselves daily when designing environments with different functions and styles. The versatility and the elegance of Piemme porcelain stoneware, its ability to cater to a whole range of projects and to the different brand identities of the various sales chains involved, maintaining personality, style and character, are clearly visible in this project, where impressive colours and the combinations of the various materials create a sense of movement, joy, conviviality and surprise, exalting the sheer product and catering range on offer at the Multiplex Omnia Center.

Contractor: Giometti Group – Customer: Multiplex Omnia Center, Prato – Series: Piemme, Valentino and Piemmegres