Teramo - Hotel Sporting

Close to the old-town centre of Teramo and its river park, opposite the busy via Alcide De Gasperi, stands the renovated and fully-restyled Hotel Sporting. In a central position with respect to the provincial district, being located half way between the Adriatic coast and the Apennine Mountains, the original hotel dates back to the Seventies and was recently completely restructured by architect Alberto Troncarelli, geom. Daniele Tittarelli (co-designer and technical-artistic management collaborator) and ing. Maurizio Basile (emergency stairway structural engineer). The entire project has completely changed the outside appearance and internal accommodation capacity of the old hotel, which had become obsolete and run-down.

The result is a luxury four-star establishment located at the town entrance. Restyling, which ended in 2010, included the requalification of the outer shell, a new colour plan, the replacement of the door and window frames, the restructuring of the interiors and the updating of the building in accordance with applicable safety regulations. In this respect, the building has been provided with an outside staircase, around the scenic lift tower and fastened to the building floors by means of a supporting structure consisting of pillars and walkways with iron parapets, glass closing panels and steel handrail. The iron girders have been left visible, clearly inspired by industrial architecture and also a clear reference for the projecting roof opposite the finely-decorated hotel lobby.All the bathrooms feature porcelain stoneware surfaces (Piemmegres’ Absolute collection).

Personalized by the designer himself for the purpose of creating strong-impact textured surfaces, the Grey colour Absolute tiles have been cut at a height of 15 cm and installed leaving a darker 1 cm joint. The ceramic tiles of the Valentino collection, produced by Piemme (following an agreement made with the famous stylist in1977) in grey and black Diamond colours and square 60×60 cm size, have been installed in large public environments, including three elegant congress halls, equipped with cutting-edge technologies. All the interiors of the hotel express great care for the minimal chic design and the modern and elegant furnishings, enhanced by the display of contemporary works, by cutting-edge technological equipment and by a choice of colours where white and soft grey play lead role. Design, art and technology thus dominate the various floors of the hotel, creating a sober and innovative style; the integrated functions and services also permit experiencing the environments according to different requirements – work or play – thanks among other things to a sauna, a gym and a solarium. The restaurant is projected towards the outside thanks to its position on a glass veranda.

Architect: Alberto Troncarelli, Daniele Tittarelli, Maurizio Basile – Customer: Hotel Sporting, Teramo – Series: Piemme, Valentino Diamond – Piemmegres, Absolute