15 April 2019



“Ceramic. A safe choice” also for Ceramiche Piemme which joins the campaign promoted by Confindustria Ceramica, the association of Italian ceramic manufacturers. The digital grapevine starts from the website, which promotes the use of porcelain stoneware by raising the public’s awareness of the material’s characteristics.
Strong, cost-effective and durable, ceramic tiles have always represented one of the most popular building materials. With the advent of digital technologies, today they also represent a cutting-edge choice in terms of aesthetics. And yet few people are aware of their environmentally-friendly credentials.

Davide Colli, Chief Operating Officer of Ceramiche Piemme (a company on the board of Confindustria Ceramica), stated: “We really wanted this campaign to raise user awareness as regards the choice of ceramic tiles. It’s important for all us manufacturers to foster better knowledge of the material and of the commitment to research in safety not only for users but for the whole planet”.

Through photographs, stories and videos promoted on the association’s digital channels, the campaign conveys the different qualities of ceramic in terms of safety, hygiene, durability, resistance also to fire, versatility, stability and sustainability.

Ceramic is made from natural clay and is a completely recyclable material; once installed, it is hygienic, does not absorb dirt or bacteria and is odourless. Ceramic does not burn and it does not emit any harmful substances, even in the event of a fire; ceramic is non-absorbent, it does not discolour when exposed to sunlight, it is frost-resistant and hard-wearing in residential and public spaces. Best choose ceramic. Best choose Ceramiche Piemme.