Ceramiche Piemme is fully dedicated to research and to its responsibility towards the future generations and its aim is to create a world composed of high quality products and with the utmost respect for nature.

Ceramiche Piemme is a modern company with a management system certified pursuant to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard for quality,
and the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard for the environment; it has always combined technical and production-based requirements with environmentally-friendly choices, in its continuous quest to present a product that meets its customers’ expectations.

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Ceramiche Piemme is a member of the Green Building Council Italia, a no-profit association created
to promote the development of sustainable building and raise the awareness of institutions regarding the impact that the methods
of designing buildings have on citizens’ quality of life. The leed standard is a rating system for the development of sustainable energy.
Developed by the US Green Building Council, it is recognised worldwide and indicates the parameters for the construction of healthy, energy-efficient buildings.
The tiles produced by Ceramiche Piemme contain “pre-consumer” recycled material with a percentage value, certified by Bureau Veritas,
that qualifies them to achieve the leed credits making them eligible for use in the construction of eco-sustainable buildings.
The tiles produced by Ceramiche Piemme are also inert from a chemical and physical point of view and, during their cycle of use,
they fail to release volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, from when they are laid to when they are dismantled.
Piemme materials are therefore compliant with the legal standards regarding “vocs” and have the credits they need to qualify for the leed standard.

In order to reduce the consumptions of natural resources and the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere,
Ceramiche Piemme implements the following measures: it recovers the thermal energy from its kilns and uses it in its atomisers and drying units;
it reuses surplus thermal energy to heat the environments in the production departments; (each year avoiding emissions that would otherwise generate a total of over 4,200 tonnes of CO2).
Piemme also produces electricity using a high-performance cogeneration plant with an avio turbine powered by natural gas.