31 May 2022



Just born and yet rich in history: it is the new tile collection Opus, freely inspired by cocciopesto, a material discovered by the Phoenicians and perfected by the Romans, that has gone through the centuries to characterize the architecture of the Mediterranean area. This particular coating, originally composed of brick fragments combined with fine mortar based on aerial lime, revives now in a contract collection that digitally recreates the characteristic granulo- metry of cement agglomerates on the surface of the ceramic slabs.
A texture characterized by extremely realistic material effects, enriched by glossy inclusions on a matt background.

A striking reference, which chromatically is declined in neutral colors, which abandon the classic shades tending to red for a more contemporary concrete effect ranging from the light Opus Album to the darker Opus Griseo.
Versatile and essential, the Opus collection is part of the "Contract" range, dedicated to high-traffic public areas and private environments, both in the residential and commercial sectors.
In all these environments, ceramic floors offer many advantages, including great resistance to trampling, ease of cleaning and the absence of harmful substances.
The Opus tiles are available in 120x120, 80x80 and 60x60 sizes, ideal for any use and installation solution.