10 October 2019



The construction industry is rediscovering porcelain stoneware for public and private projects thanks above all to the development of production technologies that have given us new sizes, surface textures and decors unthinkable until a few years ago. A material made from natural clays, and which is completely recyclable, hygienic and flame-retardant, and virtually eternal. Easy to install and convenient to clean or renew, stoneware can be used on floors and walls both inside and outside buildings.
The vital factor is the knowledge of ceramic characteristics and installation options: therefore, Piemme Project Solutions offers a consulting service and a complete range of tools which historic Modena-based producer Ceramiche Piemme provides for architects and contractors.
Solutions for installing outdoor pavings in the extra-thick 20 mm size, and for indoor or outdoor raised technical floorings (loose-lay or with pedestal) and floating floorings.
Particularly resistant to the most extreme stresses, 20 mm porcelain stoneware allows the construction of floating pavings on terraces and courtyards, the creation of paths by dry laying on grass, or the safe temporary paving of even vast areas on sand and gravel substrates. 
The slabs produced in this high-strength thickness are also suitable for installation with glue on a screed, ideal for surfaces exposed to high mechanical stresses, such as car parks or industrial or retail areas. Raised paving, on the other hand, is recommended for free-draining outdoor areas such as terraces and public and private courtyards.
Ceramiche Piemme’s 20 mm tiles, available in a variety of finishes, combine aesthetic quality with high levels of technical performance, such as resistance to heavy loads, slipping, frost, thermal shock, mould, staining and salt.