25 January 2019



The Chevron format of the Majestic Valentino collection is inspired by French Renaissance floorings: obtained by cutting whole slabs at a 45° angle, it enables the material to be laid with the installation method traditionally used for wooden parquet but today also widely used for the most exclusive ceramic materials. The Chevron evokes the wooden floors laid in the French herringbone, or Hungarian Point design, but it can also be laid in a continuous pattern.
Available in all eight shades of the collection, the Chevron format (10X53cm) is extremely flexible, and can be used both to highlight larger surfaces and to give greater depth to smaller environments. Two different shades - one light and one darker - can also be alternated to create original geometric effects.
Designed by the researchers of Valentino by Ceramiche Piemme, the Majestic collection is inspired by the textures of marbles such as Carrara, Grigio Verona, Nero Levanto, Onice, Nero Marquinia and Bianco Arabescato. 
Small and large-sized tiles reproduce the veining effects featured on marble in eight different shades, with over 150 different graphics so as to simulate the heterogeneity of the natural materials. The many formats and finishes are complemented by matching decorations, mosaics and coverings in extra-fine white bodies.

Ceramic is made using natural clays and it is an entirely recyclable material; once laid, it is hygienic, odourless and does not harbour dirt or bacteria. It does not burn or release any harmful substances, even during a fire; it is not absorbent and never loses its colour in the sun; it resists freezing and is a hard-wearing material perfect for use in residential and public environments. Better to use ceramic. Better to use Ceramiche Piemme.