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The protagonist of Made in Italy since 1962. Passion, research and study of trends are the strengths of a company with an important history and that has the technological development and the constant improvement of processes as its main objectives, offering increasingly high-performance design solutions. Thanks to innovative technologies we have reduced energy consumption and obtained important advantages on production quality.

The Synchro Digit Piemme® synchronized digital structure surface, exclusively developed at the Piemme plants, combined with high resolution printing at 300 DPI, provides a material with a uniquely hyper-realistic appearance and outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities.
The three-dimensional surface is no longer formed by pressing and is therefore free from the repetitive constraints of classic ceramic moulds; moreover, it is perfectly synchronized with the graphics on the surface.

Our commitment
to the environment

Our company policy stays on the principles of reducing risk factors and respecting the environment. We intend to pursue renewal at all levels, adopting appropriate and cutting-edge technologies, methods, and approaches that allow an improvement of the technical and aesthetic performance of the product and a reduction of the environmental impact.

Made in Italy

The solutions we provide are the result of more than 60 years of activity made of research, experience, and passion. We use the latest generation of tools and select the highest quality raw materials for our products.

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