The protagonist of Made in Italy since 1962.
Passion, research, and study of trends are the strengths of a company with an important history and that has the technological development and the constant improvement of processes as its main objectives.

Thanks to continuous research and the latest generation of tools, we cure the product from beginning to end, offering increasingly high-performance design solutions able to meet the different needs of architects and designers.
Thanks to innovative technologies, we have reduced energy consumption and obtained important advantages on production quality.



A winning business concept brought to life a company that has grown over time, both in numbers and in value, offering stability and security to customers and stakeholders.


The experience and skills acquired over the years are behind the quality of our products, the result of passion for what we do and the continuous research for excellence.


The safety at work, reduction of risk factors, and respect for the environment are the basis of our company policy. We commit ourselves concretely to adopting responsible behavior in order to protect the Piemme employees and to reduce the environmental impact.


Our continuous research and development activities enable us to constantly increase our know-how and rely on technologically advanced production methods that are always state-of-the-art.


We believe in the importance of investing in people to increase the skills of both the individual and the team, and that is why we aim for continuous improvement. Through the training of our employees we are able to be competitive in a world where changes happen with extreme speed and in which it is important to stay up-to-date, with the aim to respond to the demands of the market.


Passion and curiosity stimulate our creativity and push us to do better.


Our Vision is clear and it is the cornerstone of all our activities: Creating value, together.

The same goes for our Mission: We invest in people, cutting edge technologies, and processes, aiming to establish our company as the producer and distributor of Italian products, standing out from the crowd for their high levels of quality, style, and design, conceived to provide highly performing and aesthetic solutions that are kind to the environment.


Ceramiche Piemme has now reached the milestone of its first 60 years and, with an eye to the future, we do not forget the wonderful episodes that have marked our history.


The beginning

“Ceramiche Artistiche Piemme”, later named “Industrie Ceramiche Piemme Spa”, is founded in Maranello (Modena), with 13 employees and a daily production of 40 sqm of ceramic floor and wall tiles.


Advertising campaigns

The famous advertising campaigns of Piemme children walking barefoot on Piemme tiles began.



The year of the agreement with the great designer Valentino.


A great success

At the 1980 Cersaie exhibition the “Valentino-Piemme bathroom” was presented to the public and the press, an Italian triumph in the world.



The Formula 1 sponsorships with the unforgettable Ferrari driver Gilles Villeneuve have given Piemme a world visibility.



After studies, research, and an investment of over 30 million euros, Piemme founds the new PIEMMEGRES.


New headquarters

The new Piemme headquarter in Fiorano Modenese is inaugurated.


Digital era

Piemme adopts digital decoration technology with investments dedicated to the latest generation of production plants.


New production plant

The production plant in Solignano is built on a surface of 100,000 sqm, which today represents one of the most modern, ecological, and efficient ceramic factories in the world.



The year of company rebranding; the famous yellow ‘sandwich’ is archived, and the new brand is created.


Synchro Digit Piemme

Piemme is the first to develop the new “Synchro Digit Piemme” digital printing technology in the Sassuolo ceramic area: the structured surface of the tiles is digitally printed in perfect synchrony with the decoration.



Today, after 60 years, Industrie Ceramiche Piemme is an efficient and modern company, present all over the world, with a particular regard to sustainability and certified management system in accordance with the regulations: - ISO 9001 for quality; - ISO 14001 for the environment; - ISO 45001 for health and safety; - ISO 50001 for energy efficiency.


New production plant

In early 2023, we installed new technology and machinery with the aim of improving energy efficiency and reducing our environmental footprint.