Athens - Underground

In 2004, Athens took advantage the “big event” represented by the 28th Olympic Games to revamp and extend its underground rail system.
For the surface areas, apart from the yellow direction, guide and safety lines required by EU directives, Piemmegres slabs from the I Quarzi collection were used, aimed at reproducing the textures of the minerals present in nature. Two shades of grey were chosen, one lighter for the background and one darker, designing the projections of the pillars on the ground, highlighting the station spans and beating the structural rhythm, while traffic flows have been identified by light-coloured porcelain stoneware modules. The horizontal surfaces of the different stations of the Athens underground network thus feature an interesting material continuity able to accompany passengers during their city trip and direct them along an ideal route.

Architect: Studio Obermeyer – Client: Athens metro – Series: Piemmegres, I Quarzi