15 September 2021

Ceramiche Piemme presents Ibla


Exquisite Italian artistic craftsmanship and digital technologies for the new IBLA line of porcelain stoneware tiles by Ceramiche Piemme. The profound tactile appeal of Ragusa “Pietra Pece” asphalt stone, combined with three-dimensional decors that evoke the patterns and reliefs of traditional lace, in a collection that bears the ancient name of the UNESCO World Heritage Site city.

The distinctive stylistic features of the art and culture of the old centre of Ragusa thus become genuine contemporary design tools, available to anyone wishing to re-create Mediterranean moods with elegant evocations of Italian craftsmanship. The Piemme designers developed distressed, tarry colours and surfaces that alternate matt and surprisingly glossy finishes in a ceramic version with the aid of the “Synchro Digit” technology. A similarity to “the real thing” that is not only apparent at first glance, but becomes three-dimensional.
Avant-garde technology produces a porcelain stoneware that is easy to install, environment-friendly and extremely tough, yet able to confer immense character on interiors, with great design versatility. Together with the 4 plain tile colour variants, the “Tombolo” wall tiles, the “Zagara” floral decor and the “Ragusa” and “Opus” mosaics (in two surface finishes, natural and honed) make Ibla a very striking collection.

As well as the more traditional sizes, the new long plank tile (30x119.5 cm) provides fascinating colour effects in multiple installation patterns, both on floors and as a wall covering. The small plank of 10x60 cm and the chevron of 10x53 cm are the basis respectively for Italian (right-angle block) and French (chevron) herringbone installation layouts.