11 May 2021

Majestic Pure Selection: a floor covering-sculpture for the new collection


Calacatta, Statuario, Arabescato and Dolomiti: these are the four exquisite Italian marble varieties restored to fresh life in the surface of the new Majestic Pure Selection tile collection by Ceramiche Piemme.
The purity, vein patterns and whiteness of the original raw material are reproduced by an extremely high-resolution digital printing technology.
The reference to the great Italian tradition of the world’s most sought-after marble varieties evokes a sculpture-like beauty, as the light penetrates the surface before being reflected, giving these ceramic floor coverings a special gleam.
Majestic Pure Selection is thus intended for the interior design of locations of great elegance, in homes and in prestige public projects. Additional effects can also be created in wall coverings by alternating the “marble” with mosaic tiles or the “Grove” and “Foliage” plant-inspired patterns.

From exquisite marble varieties to ceramic coverings
Calacatta, the finest of white marbles, has a snowy background colour with veining in colours varying from gold to beige and grey.
Statuario, also quarried near Carrara, has subtler grey veins, which create a beautiful contrast with the background.
Very similar to veined marble, Arabescato has a crystalline white colour and more evenly distributed veins in a more intense shade.
Bianco Dolomiti, on the other hand, is milky white and fine-grained, with a very clean, pure white background and delicate veining.

The Majestic Pure Selection ceramic marbles are available in the 60x60, 60x119.5 and 119.5x119.5 cm sizes. There are four colours: Superb Statuario, Glorious Arabescato, Sublime Dolomiti and Magnificent Calacatta, in natural version and in mirror-polished finish, in which the gleam and depth are enhanced by an ultra-glossy effect.